Dual Citizenship Canada

The Canadian nationality law is very similar to that of the United Kingdom, but has over the years been modified to better suit the country’s practical needs. Soon after instituting its own Canadian Citizenship Act on January 1, 1947, Canadian nationality was extended to cover most British subjects who were affiliated with Canada as well as Newfoundland after its admission to Confederation in April 1949.

However prior to 1947, Canadian citizenship did not legally exist since Canadians all had the status of British subjects. In 1910, an Immigration Act that intended to increase the population in the western part of Canada was the first act to ever deal with any matter in regards to Canadian identity.

As of 1947, with the exception of children born to diplomats, any child who was born in Canada automatically became a citizen of Canada. After February, 1977, citizenship by descent was freely acquired by persons who were born outside of Canada to Canadian but, an application had to be made by the age of 23 in order to avoid losing Canadian citizenship.

Persons born outside of Canada between January 1, 1947 and February 15, 1977 are generally not considered Canadian citizens unless they were either registered with the Canadian government before the age of 2 or were granted Canadian citizenship by descent between February 15, 1977 and August 14, 2004. In both instances, neither the child nor his parent (s) should have lost their Canadian citizenship by becoming citizens of another country before February 15, 1977.

An application to acquire Canadian citizenship by descent may be made on the basis of delayed registration of birth abroad by which citizenship is conferred by virtue of birth or, a facilitated grant in the case where only the mother is a Canadian citizen. In 2005, the Canadian parliament allowed persons to reinstate their Canadian citizenship if it was lost as a result of a parent, normally a father, who lost his Canadian citizenship by becoming naturalized in another country. In this case, Canadian citizenship is conferred by descent without having to satisfy the regular demands of residency or background-checks.

As of 2008, anyone adopted by Canadian citizens can immediately attain Canadian citizenship without having to seek permanent residence, once the adoption process is completed.

Anyone who has permanently resided in Canada for at least 3 years can apply to become a naturalized Canadian. Applicants for Canadian naturalization must have permanent resident status and be 18 years or over. Adult applicants are expected to know the rights and responsibilities of being Canadian and be of good character. They are also expected to meet the permanent resident requirements of living in Canada for three out of the four years before applying for naturalization, and should be successful in the citizenship test that is set for persons between the ages of 18 and 54. No applicant for Canadian citizenship can be a war criminal.

Children under 18 acquiring Canadian citizenship through naturalization must have permanent resident status and at least one parent who already is a citizen of Canada or is in the process of applying to become a citizen. The residency demands established for adult applicants do not normally apply for children who have not yet turned 18. Canadian citizenship can be revoked from persons found guilty of having acquired Canadian citizenship by any illegal means.

Today, Canadian citizenship is one of the most sought out nationalities as Canada has been politically stable for the past several years, has a growing economy and a relatively low crime rate. Dual Canadian Citizenship is accepted by the Canadian government.

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